Are you Ready to



To Earn Multiple 6 or 7 Figures While having time to do the things you want to do?

We'll discuss how the Business Accelerator can help you take your business to the next level.

PS…Note, I'm looking for positive, motivated individuals who truly want to take their business to the next level.

The Financial Industry has been dominated by men. 

But, you already know that fact. 

You see it and live it every day.

You know you have the talent and brains to take your business to the top, but you just cannot seem to break the “glass ceiling.”

You watch your male counterparts soar while you know they have “nothing over” on you.

But still, you are not producing at their level.

The Time Is Now for YOU to soar!

I'm going to help you take control of your own destiny. 

I'm going to help you Play To Win!

It’s Time to



& Instead Surround Yourself with Other Women who Understand you and Can Support you Along the Way.

Introducing a


Women’s Program


Business Accelerator Mastermind

A one-year mastermind designed to develop your skills, help you grow, and show you how to stop feeling left out or overshadowed.

It’s the support every woman in business should be getting but isn’t.

And it’s a chance to overcome all business growth obstacles for women without feeling like they are being spoken down to or treated like idiots.

I am


I've never been more excited to share this new thinking and cutting-edge mastermind with you. Our time as females in this industry is right now. YOUR TIME to take your business to the next level is NOW and I'm here to help you.

Who is Wendy Jestings?

As an advisor, Wendy was in the top 5 percent of all financial advisors in the industry male or female and at the top of the game in her financial practice. 

She was also one of the very few females that can be at the helm of a large financial agency. As a Managing Partner, Wendy had the distinct privilege to attract, and train with some of the top Financial advisors throughout the country.
With over 20 years of experience, my philosophy is ‘Play to Win’ while my passion and competitiveness help equip females with the skills, mindset, and ability to dominate their industries and never fall into the shadow of a man again.

When we as women better understand the rules of the game, we can Then compete and grow at an elite level.

I'm going to turn DECADES

of learning into Days...

Giving you your time back.

I've learned over the years that mental toughness is a key to achieving success in business which is why it’s my goal and mission to improve the mental toughness of women while teaching them individually how to overcome the obstacles they may be facing when they build their business.

So often I meet successful, go-getter women who feel overwhelmed in their industry because they find it complex.

They are yearning, fighting even, to be seen and heard and end up feeling alone and isolated often surrounded by male dominated groups.

They can end up doubting themselves because they feel misunderstood and invisible and do not have the knowledge on how to build their business and manage their personal responsibilities. They have very few successful female role models who can mentor them on how to succeed at a high level.

The lack of support, mentorshipship and understanding on how to build their practice leaves very little hope for women who are desperately trying to break through the barriers and show their true potential.

Do you have
these thoughts?

Do you want the tools, strategies and systems to help you quickly and easily grow your business to multiple 6 and 7 figures?

Wendy has helped hundreds of Financial Advisor/Reps take their business to the next level. I'll give you the tools, strategies and systems to help you build a business that will give you more money, more time freedom and more peace of mind. You will not have to spend years trying to figure it out. You can simply follow the step-by-step teaching and coaching to quickly grow your business.

Do you want to learn how to develop a consistent “Mindset for Success” and eliminate the negative feelings of doubt and fear?

This business can be extremely stressful with its ups and downs. You will learn the strategies that Olympic athletes use to develop their mindset for success. This training will allow you to navigate the peaks and valleys. It will help you stay focused on your goals with ease and excitement. You will also learn how to become psychologically tough so you can enjoy every day of work.

Do you want to learn how to get MORE REFERRALS and Prospects walking into your door?

I've created the systems and strategies that will generate a stream of monthly referrals. Struggling to get referrals and open new business will lead to fear. After you implement the systems and strategies you will understand how this problem can go away forever.

Do you want to feel supported by female Financial Advisors/Reps who understand your challenges and desire to grow your practice?

Your peers will understand and be faced with the issues that women face in this working world: how to balance family and work; how to be a woman in a man’s world; how to get “mentally tough” to handle the challenges in this business; how to stop making excuses that stop you; how to create a business referral/networking system; and how to stop feeling so isolated as a working woman, Mother and/or wife. You will be able to discuss these issues with female peers who understand you and have success strategies to help you.

It is very difficult to be in a group with all men who do not understand how you feel when your child gets sick and you need to stay home and be a Mother. Or they talk about their golf outing last week that you did not attend because you do not play golf. You constantly feel like an “outsider” because you have no female peers who understand how you feel and think. Wouldn’t it be nice to be with a group of peers who understand you, support and challenge you, and understand what it feels like to be a wife, Mother, sister and girlfriend? And, they are all driven to do what it takes to become successful!

Do you want to be held accountable but also supported?

This can be a very lonely business where you can hide and deceive yourself. Myself and your peers will hold you accountable to your numbers and your goals. We will encourage and help you to do what you say you are going to do, and commit to your goals. This group will give you help and support and encouragement.

Do you want to dramatically increase your income?

You are working long and hard hours but cannot seem to make the money you want. You feel like you are stuck at the office doing paperwork, case prep and answering questions while you know you should be seeing prospect and clients. You want to dramatically increase your income! I will help you build the 4 Pillars so you can earn much more money while having more time freedom and peace of mind.

Do you want to have more fun and free time while building your business?

I've been coaching in this industry for over 20 years and have observed how men support and lift each other to the top. They go golfing together, Las Vegas trips, and smoke cigars at their private clubs. Business and relationships are formed during these “play times.” It is time for you to have the same luxuries and experiences while growing your business.




I'm launching the Women’s Business Accelerator Mastermind to help you take your business to the next level and “live the dream.”

You will learn, be challenged and supported, create lifetime friendships and join a group of peers who totally understand and support you on your journey to success. Plus, you will be coached by me. I have been fortunate enough to help hundreds of successful Financial Advisor/Reps build their business to multiple 6 and 7 figures while having more free time and less stress.

You will no longer have to “figure it out” on your own.

You will be placed with female peers who understand you, have similar business models and production levels.

You will be given the proven success strategies and systems to help you quickly scale your business.

Let Me ask you this...

Would you like to have more money, more happiness, more freedom, and more abundance in your life?

Do you ever feel, for as hard as you work, and as much as you know, that your bank balance should be much higher?

And you just don’t know why it’s not?

You’re not alone.

Here’s what other have experienced...

Meet Shawna Hoover 
I have been working with Wendy on the Financial Business Accelerator throughout this year. I have been in the industry for five years, but it seems like this year is the year that everything came together. I have gained more confidence and clarity than any other year in my career. I am thankful that I had the courage to make the decision to participate in one on one coaching with Wendy, I almost let this opportunity slip through my hands because I thought it was going to be like every other program and promise on the market.
Meet Joey Davenport
I've known Wendy for a long time, and she is what I refer to as an "Operator". Early in her career, she accomplished what few ever do: balancing Managing Director duties while being recognized as one of the top 250 financial professionals in her company. Throughout her career, she's worked her way through the leadership ranks with outstanding success in recruiting and advisor development, eventually running her firm as a Managing Partner. Wendy is leadership by example.

How Does The 

Business Accelerator

Mastermind Work?

With one Full Year of Training, Private Coaching & Mastermind Retreats, you will get:

3 x Virtual One-Day Retreats

  • Take time to “work on” your business.
  • Training and coaching sessions to “level up” your skills and knowledge.

2 x Virtual Three-Day Retreats

  • Unplug from the noise of your daily life to “work on” your business.
  • Get inspired and motivated and challenged by a group of your peers.
  • Share your challenges and fears and discover how to overcome obstacles.
  • Play, work, and learn in an environment of positive peers who are striving to grow.

Weekly 60-Minute Coaching calls with Wendy and Guest Speakers

  • Get coaching on how to create a Vision for you and your business that will allow you to live the life of your dreams.
  • Learn how to attract, train, and build a high performing “A” Team.
  • Be immersed in feminine CEO Leadership skills and strategies that build your team and frees your time.
  • Learn how to grow a “Raving Fan” Client base that supports you and sends you referrals.
  • Get The Play to Win mindset.

9 x Private 40-Minute Coaching Calls

  • Your coaching is personalized to you and achieving your goals.
  • Breakthrough mindset challenges and learn how to achieve success.

Caring and Sharing from a Supporting Peer Group

  • Surround yourself with the most focused, passionate, and supportive peers.
  • Enjoy feedback, visibility, and knowledge for your growth.

Customized Accountability to Help You Reach Your Goal

  • Weekly accountability check-ins with your peers.
  • Simple Tools to keep you focused on your activity numbers and goals.
  • Strategies to help you do the “revenue-generating” activities.
  • You will feel incredibly supported, focused, and inspired to achieve your goals.

Private Mastermind Portal

  • Access all training in a private online portal.
  • Documents, coaching material, and systems information will be stored in your online portal to download.

Private Facebook Group

  • Communicate with your peers in a private Facebook group.
  • The page offers you daily/weekly/monthly communication with your group…you will no longer be alone!

Accelerate & Maximize

Your Professional Potential With The Right Support, Guidance & Accountability!

Take a look at some 

more success stories

Thomas Goes
Working with a coach streamlined my business model and created efficient and effective procedures in growing my practice when I was a financial advisor. The program is very innovative and provides a phenomenal understanding of the insurance and investment business. It made a difference in helping take my practice to the next level and continued to help my team implement new ideas. Now, as a Managing Partner, I have a different lens. This work has transformed advisors in the way they think about change management, implementation, and in attracting better clientele. As long as you listen to the training and follow the system, it will change you for the better. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow.
Erik Cascio
Wendy Jestings is the most determined woman I have ever met and worked with and her passion for accomplishing her vision is like no other. I truly respect her ability and work ethic. Her story is amazing and she has overcome so many obstacles to get to where she is today, a success by any measure! It was a pleasure working alongside her and would tell anyone that is part of her organization that they are in good hands. Wendy has a clear vision and will continue to blaze new trails in our industry.

Why a mastermind?

A Mastermind creates a peer group where you can ask questions, challenge ideas, receive support, and come together. You will challenge each other... hold each other accountable... share thoughts and best practices... while striving to achieve your own success. 

The POWER of the mastermind is not just in the leader but the group’s ability to share ideas and create a supportive community while being coached to become the “best you.”

What makes this

Mastermind Different?

The secret sauce is how this mastermind is structured. Most coaching programs today offer a leader and some content. But with The Women's Business Accelerator, you get the collective value of Wendy as well as our national women's advocates.

The objective of a collective such as this is to ensure a substantial contribution is afforded to helping YOU grow personally, professionally, and financially.

Finally, you will have the chance to build life-long relationships with other women that also want to grow and excel at an elite level.

What will you get with 

this Program?

  • Proven Systems And Strategies To Build Your 4 Business Pillars
Wendy understands you must build 4 Pillars in your business if you want to “live the dream” of earning morning money, having time freedom and peace of mind while making a bigger different in the world:
Pillar 1: Big Vision 
Pillar 2: “A” Team 
Pillar 3: Systems 
Pillar 4: Leadership

Training of the 4 Pillars will be a foundation of the program. Wendy has helped hundreds of Financial Advisor/Reps build their business to multiple 6 and 7 figures without sacrificing their personal life.

You will be trained on the various business models, how to hire an “A” team, concierge customer service, social media marketing, team prospecting, the referrals, activity tracking, and daily time management and much more. You will have the opportunity to learn what other teams are doing and share “best practices.”

Wendy has helped producers double and triple their business while “living the dream.” They will be helping you implement these concepts into your business so you can “live the dream.”
  • Personal Coaching for Success Mindset and 10X Growth
To reach your untapped potential you will need to master basic skills, while developing the mindset and visioning necessary for success. 

Wendy will help you answer some of the following questions:
“How do I get to that next level of success? 
I am very talented, why am I not more successful? 
How can I build a career and be a good parent?"

Her coaching will help you with your “blind spots” in the business. She will also push you beyond the point where you might stop. She will help you see your “greatness.”
  • Peer Support and Mentoring
You will be placed in a peer group with other women who have similar business structures, goals and production. Your female peers will support and challenge you while understanding your time restraints, obstacles and goals. Finally you will have a safe place where you can talk about your fears, share ideas, hold each other accountable and celebrate your victories. 
You will feel totally supported while growing your business.

When you need emotional support, have a question, or want to celebrate you can instantly communicate with a peer from your Mastermind Group. How would that change your life? You would no longer feel alone in your business journey. You will be surrounded by peers who care about you, support you and understand your journey.
  • Build a the Team of the Future: A High Performing Prospecting Team
Technology will eliminate certain staff roles in this industry. The future of this industry is a team of licensed, trained professionals who give comprehensive concierge service. 
Wendy will help you build the team of the future: the high performing prospecting team. Such a team will not only give you more time freedom but also add greater value to your clients.
  • Accountability and Support to Skyrocket Your Production
Every member of the group will be held accountable to reporting their activity numbers, goals and progress on their projects. 
You will not be able to hide in this group because you will be reporting to your Peer Group and coach. You will feel supported while being held accountable to achieving your goals.

You do not have to look

For Other Like-Minded 

Women Any Longer

Wendy is committed to helping YOU break YOUR glass ceiling.

Who Is This 

Mastermind For?

  • Women who desire to make a positive impact on other people’s lives while creating abundance in their own life.
  • ​Women who are ready to extract their skills, knowledge, and life experience to make an impact.
  • ​Women who are willing to commit to their objectives of success and are ready to put in the work required.
  • ​Women who want to tap into another level of freedom, significance, growth, and contribution.
  • Women who understand that the opportunity to participate in this program will give fast access to knowledge, systems, and learning that would have taken years to obtain on their own if ever.
  • ​Women who are interested in increasing their education and increasing their revenue within the next 12 months.

Who Is This

Mastermind NOT For?

  • Women who are not willing to work and really want a “get rich” scheme.
  • ​Women who are not willing to investment in themselves and their business.
  • Women who are not prepared to be open to change, coaching and thinking bigger.
  • ​Women who are ok with the way things are and have no desire to improve.

Here’s What To Do Next

Click here to schedule a 30 minute call to discuss how the Business Accelerator can help you take your business to the next level.

PS…Note, I'm looking for positive, motivated individuals who truly want to take their business to the next level.

Do You Still Have Questions?

Will this work in my company or location in the country?

Yes! WBAM has had hundreds of interested women in financial services from all over the country, From Boston to Philly, Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago, AZ, California. It doesn’t matter where you live…that’s the beauty of the program. Don't let the fear of where you live stop you from this experience! 

Do I need to get permission from the Company I work for? 

No! This program is not company specific. It consists of like-minded women in the industry all across the country who will share ideas and support each other.  

How much time do I need to make this work?

Yes, this is possible for you. We understand that you are very busy with your families, activities, commutes and busy schedules. Wendy has designed this program for you…the busy professional woman who is hard pressed for time.
You can listen to all the trainings and meetings while driving, riding on the bus or subway, or even at your desk. If you have to miss a meeting...not a problem...all meetings are recorded and placed in our Private Portal for you to access at any time. You can log in whenever you want, on your own time and on your own schedule.

What if I have a question that is not listed on this page?

I'd love to help you in any way I can. Please email me with any questions. I'll get back to you ASAP with an answer

Unleash Your True Potential

& Believe How Worth It You Are!

I'm looking for women who want to invest in themselves.

Women who are willing to invest both their time and money to become successful and live the dream.

This program is not for “tire kickers” or people who are looking for “free” coaching and seminars.

This program is for women who want a “breakthrough” in their business and who want to take their business to the next level while enjoying the journey....women who are willing to invest their time and money.

Successful men joined masterminds to create their fortunes and grow their influence. 

Now is the time for YOU to join this mastermind group of "like-minded" women who want to grow their business and be supported and coached by women.

Are You Ready To

break through your glass ceiling as Other women have?

The only person who can stop you from living your dream is you.  

Successful people take action.
The time is now…take action.

Apply today so you can get help, grow, and make new friends who will support you on your journey to greatness.

Surround yourself with a group of successful women who have turned their difficult situations into prosperous ones and who are in a position to develop and guide other women to come up and shine in their careers and businesses.

Become part of a community with some of the best of the best females in the financial services industry who are coming together to learn.

They, just like you, want to significantly increase their income by effectively building out a model that will drive more efficiency in their financial practice.

So, why not join this community which is all about giving women the freedom to do what they are the very best at... Building relationships!

You’re Worth It!

Show yourself how you can succeed!

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