What people have to say about Wendy Jestings


Wendy Jestings is the most determined woman I have ever met and worked with and her passion for accomplishing her vision is like no other. I truly respect her ability and work ethic. Her story is amazing and she has overcome so many obstacles to get to where she is today, a success by any measure! It was a pleasure working alongside her and would tell anyone that is part of her organization that they are in good hands. Wendy has a clear vision and will continue to blaze new trails in our industry.

Erik Cascio

I've known Wendy for a long time, and she is what I refer to as an "Operator". Early in her career, she accomplished what few ever do: balancing Managing Director duties while being recognized as one of the top 250 financial professionals in her company. Throughout her career, she's worked her way through the leadership ranks with outstanding success in recruiting and advisor development, eventually running her firm as a Managing Partner. Wendy Jestings is leadership by example.

Joey Davenport
Hoopis Performance Network

Wendy was so helpful to myself and my husband once we were ready to talk about financial goals.
She helped us determine our actual income/expenses and insurance coverage. She helped us talk about our priorities as parents, homeowners, and professionals to develop financial solutions that would work best for us as we move forward in these roles. Wendy is caring and realistic when giving financial solutions, and she has become a friend for life. We so appreciate her both as a professional and as a friend.

Colleen Blatchly
New Leaf Bodywork

I have had the good fortune of having Wendy assist me with my financial strategy needs for almost fifteen years. Over that time, she has guided me throughout multiple business acquisitions and sales. She was also reliably there for me, in particular, during a challenging period in which I survived a near-fatal car accident ...during the Great Recession, nonetheless. We've journeyed through the highs and lows together, and I feel comfortable knowing Wendy will continue to help guide my financial future through the current pandemic and beyond.

Dan Melo D.M.D

I thought I was “all set” with my financial goals and insurance programs. As business owners, we are very financially savvy and consider ourselves to be experts in our profession. Out of respect to Wendy, we took the time to go through a financial audit. Her recommendations and guidance helped us to transform our thinking and provide substantial value. I would say to any business owner that thinks that they are all set to reconsider partnering with Wendy. We have been a significant asset to our business.

Sarah and Doug Hoffman

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy for a while now, her Multi-Dimensional approach in helping business owners get to the next level in their Practice has been game-changing.” Wendy has been working with me to identify my ideal client avatar and create automation by adopting digital tools and social media to target my ideal future clients. I am in the final stages of a very successful career. I am confident that in my I am building a financial practice that will leave a legacy for many other professionals that come after me, that is why I continue to invest in growth.

Hal Tearse, CPWA®
Senior VP- Financial Advisor at Baird Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Wendy’s intuition and leadership have helped me grow my businesses to next-level results. She has been the mirror that I needed to be held up to break through my own barriers. She has helped me get clear on how to drive revenue and marketing strategies to the right areas of my business “ The Accelerator Tools inside The Business Accelerator Tool Box has given me clarity, direction, and insight that would have taken many additional years on my own. “ I am all about applying the research and learning from the industry into my practice giving me instant leverage and knowledge.

Susan L. Pulse, M.B.A.
Business Owner -Perimeter Insurance North Carolina

It is so important that as advisors we build our Competitive advantage within the Wealth Management and Financial Advisory space. Wendy’s leadership and her Business Accelerator Program will give you the tools to accomplish just that.  I have seen many leaders come and go in the industry, but leaders like Wendy don’t come around all that often. She walks the walk and leads by example. Her knowledge of all roles within the Financial Services industry has been invaluable. When we all have a better understanding of where the industry is going, then it allows us to be proactive in our own professional growth and developments so we can be the disrupters rather than being disrupted.

Anthony Zilli
CEO of Zilli Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I have been in the industry for years. This year, I decided to invest in myself and my professional growth. I have been adopting The Business Accelerator Tools and Principles in my practice and it is not on accident that even during Covid and being in downtown NYC that I am having my best 4th Quarter every in my business” I am “All In” when it comes to 2021 and my professional growth. I am thankful that I made the decision to partner and learn from Wendy.

Meredith Langus
Financial Advisors
New York, New York,
United States

I have been working with Wendy on the Financial Business Accelerator throughout this year. I have been in the industry for five years, but it seems like this year is the year that everything came together. I have gained more confidence and clarity than any other year in my career. I am thankful that I had the courage to make the decision to participate in one on one coaching with Wendy, I almost let this opportunity slip through my hands because I thought it was going to be like every other program and promise on the market.

Shawna Hoover MBA
Financial Professional Redlands, California

Wendy has been coaching and working with me for a while now. After sharing the Financial Practice Evolution, I realized that I needed additional support to get to the next phase in my business. By building and hiring around me, it will give me the freedom to focus on revenue-generating activities and keeping me front and center with my clients. Wendy helped me in the hiring process and work strategically to make sure the right person was chosen and we put them in the right seats to drive our team's success.”

Alisha Langford, ChSNC
CEO of Abeona Planning
Special Needs Advisor Portland, Oregon,